At Pedroni SA, we offer different stone work services for the home and outdoors

In Saxon, and in all of Valais, we not only specialise in installing natural stone in the interior of your home, but also outdoors as well. So, for example, we offer kitchen worktops, stairs, basins or even fountains.


In collaboration with your kitchen designer or at your own request, we make worktops in granite or marble, for example. We are not satisfied with simply supplying a finished product, we work alongside you in your endeavours and the choices you make: our experience is available to you so we understand as fully as possible what you need.
You will find samples of the stone we use at our partner kitchen designers in theSaxon area and the canton of Valais.

Do you want authenticity? At Pedroni SA, we make basins, either from a selected block of stone that we hollow out, or completely detached, starting from a small block of stone. In every case, this type of fitting makes a perfect match with traditional chalets but also with modern interiors.

Pedroni SA can make stone stairs for your chalet, in order to preserve its rustic side. For this, we recommend using local stoneand we would be delighted to offer you advice.

Whether you want an open chimney, with an authentic feel, a more modern stone chimney or even simply cladding, we can do it. We can personalise your chimney with carvings, to make it as unique as possible!

We custom make fountains for your garden. If you have a precise idea of the design you are looking for, or if you want to be given some pointers when you are choosing, don't hesitate to contact us.

Inside a Valais chalet, or outside under a porch, a stone arch adds charm to your building. At Pedroni SA, we have the necessary experience to know what will best suit your home and to carry out the work!