The natural stone specialist in Valais

Pedrini sa pierres naturelles - Saxon - valais

Pedroni SA is a business specialising in stone work, at Saxon, in Valais. Created in1955 by the Pedroni family, the company was taken over in 1999 by Massimo Rollo, who had already been working there for 10 years.
Today, the Pedroni SA business is made up of skilled workers who put all their expertise at their clients' disposal. We regard our work as a craft, which is why our finishings are done by hand. That way we can get a precise rendering, smooth and adapted to the chosen stone.
We make it a point of honour to advise you in the choice of stone, the production or even the finishings. With the experience we've gained over the years, we know the materials, their characteristics and the way to work with them. It is therefore essential that we support you in your project, whether it's a matter of innovation or renovation!
Although we do not take on apprentices, we are nevertheless open to have interns learn about our business. Don't hesitate to contact us!